Tool Features and Usage (v1.10)

Version: 1.11 - 3/6/2015: Skill Training - Complete!
  • This update adds the number of lasers to the interface. Old files will default to x1 lasers. For those using multiple lasers, you enter in the m3 amount from a single laser, then put in the number of lasers (from 1 to 255. This can be used to simulate fleet operations as well as single ship output.)
  • The interface has been further compressed, while maintaining the same size footprint.
  • Increased precision for amount of ore and m3 mined while the timer is running. It should now be much closer to what you actually receive in game. Took into account the truncation done by the game client per laser. (If a laser mines 489.85 m3 and you are mining a 16 m3 rock, your true yield is (30x16m3) 480m3 per cycle per laser. Different ores have different 'waste' factors built into them. Lasers do not stack together, but are all treated individually. It appears that CCP has removed 'carry-over' of amounts not mined into the next cycle to simplify their math? (Confirmed over several hours of mining heavy ores vs. light ores)
  • Ice is now handled differently, adding units mined only at the end of a cycle. If the amount of ice units entered into the units box is not evenly divisible by the number of lasers on the ship, extra blocks are added internally to ensure the time to mine is accurately calculated. While the amount of m3 showing will go over the number of blocks in the units box, it will change to the proper amount at the end of the last cycle and add cumulatively properly.
  • Crius seems to have changed mining cycles to use the delved information instead of the tooltip like it was discovered in v1.09. I have reverted to the original timing code and it seems to keep much better accuracy than the old rounded information that came from the tooltip. I will watch and see if 'module drift' is still happening before I release, but for now it seems to stay accurate through 10 cycles or so.
  • Stay on top is now always on by default and is no longer a saved setting per profile. It can be turned off if necessary via the option menu or hotkey (Ctrl+T)
Version: 1.10 - 5/19/2014: Accumulation Mode
  • Added new rolling counters to more effectively indicate where the lasers are in their overall cycles. Also added an estimate of how many units of ore has been mined thus far.
  • Cumulative mode has been added. This adds up subsequent cycles so you can get an idea how much m3 you have mined this session. Clicking clear timers or directly on the total amount will clear the amount to start it over (Note that this also stops the timer). You can disable this feature through the options menu. This setting will be remembered. (Sometimes this doesn't match reality if you stop a cycle early, for instance having to warp away to avoid death by rats/players/real life aggro. Remember to reset the counter when needed.)
  • The amount of the current asteroid is not added to the previous amounts mined until the asteroid has been finished. This behavior is intended to allow for corrections caused by asteroids being out of range or accidental bad targetting. (IE: Having a npc or object targetted when trying to turn your lasers on.)
Version: 1.09 - 4/7/2014: Branding and Timer update
  • This version added a menu that gives a quick link back to the web site and further refines the timer to match what is in game (All numbers are rounded to the nearest tenth of a second, the same as the client uses for delivering materials to your cargo hold. The circle spinning around the laser icons on the hud moves at the unrounded speed in show info for some reason, I have bug reported this to CCP.)
  • This is the first version to be listed on the EVE Online official forums. I guess this can be considered the official launch version now.
Version: 1.08 - 3/5/2014: Miner Update
  • I have added clipboard recognition of ice chunks and gas clouds, including the mission ones. You can also manually select these like the other ore types.
Version: 1.07 - 2/1/2014: Initial Public Release.
  • This program does not interact with the client directly in any way. You will still have to interact with the game in a normal manner, react to rats, etc... This is not a bot program, nor will I ever make it into a bot program. Please use RockBunny responsibly.
  • Ability to save and load multiple timer/volume setups for ease of use. The .rck files can be shared with other users if you like.
  • Automatically loads 'default.rck' at startup if it finds it. This should be your normal mining environment or a default. If it does not find this file, it will notify you to save one and use default numbers.
  • To get the most accurate numbers for putting into the volume and time fields, use show info on your mining lasers. For miners using crystals, you will want the specialty ore amount. If you have multiple lasers, add them together or run multiple instances of RockBunny to track each laser's progress. You can also add up all the m3 numbers of a fleet together to see how long it takes to tackle very large asteroids or maintaining industry levels. (Such as the 250k unit Spodumain that lives in the Small Asteroid Belt of Nullsec. Or to mine 1.5m m3 of ore, select cargo hold as ore type and enter the goal m3 you need.)
  • The program has the ability to 'stay on top' of other windows. This feature can be disabled in the options menu.
  • Helps calculate how long asteroids will last or how long it takes to fill up a cargo hold (or jetcan, or freight container) of ore.
  • Shows how large in m3 an asteroid is and how many cycles it will take to mine it at the current settings.
  • In conjunction with this, it features a countdown timer with audio notifications when your laser should cycle and when the asteroid should be depleted. The closer the module activation is to the start of the timer, the more accurate it is. It will never be completely accurate though, and effects like time dilation will throw it off as well. It is also dependant upon the accuracy of your computer's clock and internet latency. The easy way to deal with such issues is wait a few seconds after the timer says that it is done. Crystal depletion should be watched for as well, as lasers will not cycle back on after a crystal replacement.
  • The audio notifications use the system sound effects for 'Question' and 'Asterisk' to determine what sound to play. If these are not set, it will use the default sound. Audio notifications can be disabled in the options menu as well.
  • The program can use the eve survey scanner clipboard data (select one asteroid from the survey scanner and press Ctrl+C in game, then click the Clipboard button and it will give an approximate lifetime for that asteroid). It also recognizes mission ores (Augumene, etc...) and will translate them to the appropriate real ore type. It will also start the built in timer immediately after clicking clipboard for ease of use.
  • Can be switched into a 'super-compact' mode to save screen space. Double clicking the window's title bar toggles this mode, and it is in the options menu as well.
  • If you are willing to leave the program running awhile, you can also use it to time your PI extractors/processes. Just set the mining rate to 1 and the cycle time to 3600 (One hour). Then set the ore type to Cargo hold and the amount to whatever number will match your PI's program time-wise. If you're using faster extract cycles, simply multiply the minutes by 60 to hear when the extractor cycles. This program can also be used to monitor any other timer, such as tower deployments, tcu's, repair module cycling, etc, through creative settings like this.


Hulk + Orca typical setup

Download and Install Instructions

Installation File:

To install, simply download and run the above self-extracting exe file, choosing a folder to install and extract the contents to. Create a shortcut to RockBunny.exe anywhere you like. To uninstall it, simply delete the folder.

Update History

4/7/2014 : v1.09. Branding and Timer update.

3/5/2014 : v1.08. Miner update.

2/1/2014 : v1.07. Initial Public Version. Versions prior to v1.07 will not be made available to the public as there was bugs in them and incomplete features. This version has been tested for several months in highsec, lowsec, nullsec, and even a wormhole guy or two has tried it.