Tool Features (v1.5)

This tool is currently at version 1.5 and has the current planet commodity recipes. No real change has been needed in years. It's mainly for looking up how the chains work together. This program was used by at least one corp I know of to build a station (in conjunction with many spreadsheets) and has been a staple program of many people in my own corp and those I've shared it with over the years since Tyrannis was released. Now, I release it to the wider EVE community to use however they like.

  • Quick lookup of material chains involved in planetary interaction
  • Ability to copy the information out to be used in spreadsheets, email, etc...
  • You can take a list of planets and determine what can be made in a single system by using the planet search features.
  • Tower Fuel Blocks and Nanite Repair Paste blueprints have been added for convenience


Screenshots will be coming shortly.

Download and Install Instructions

Installation file :

To install, simply download and run the above program. If it gives you any trouble, contact me for a zip file version (It may have trouble installing on windows 8, I do not have a win8 computer to test it on at the moment)

Update History

The patch note history is posted at : (Please note that the forums are rather out of date and will be scrubbed clean at some point in the future. I will update this post then)