Tool Notes and Features (v1.118)

This program is mainly a character template editor, but it also has a salvage calculator, character specialization calculator, and an extensive item management system.

  • The current version was written for DaoC v1.118, with the future of Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) in mind.
  • Both GearBunnyX and Classic are included in the setup program.
  • GearBunnyX was the 10th version of the tool and had expanded features such as omnicrafting, multiple configuration handling, and a more optimized item filtering system.
  • GearBunny Classic borrowed features of GearBunnyX while maintaining the interface of the older versions which some people preferred.
  • Those wanting to edit the master vault file can do so through GearBunnyX's Item Editor and Vaultkeeper Interfaces. (It is listed in the tools menu)
  • MetalBunny was incorporated into both versions of GB for salvagers/trinket makers to see approximate value of their metal bars. As long as vendor prices haven't changed since 1.102, this should still be accurate. Send me the current vendor prices if they have changed this and I will update it.
  • The included item database is probably getting pretty old, since I have not updated it in a number of years. I have seen many people making comments on forums about this, so if anyone wants to take on the challenge of keeping the vault up to date, I am willing to put links or host the updated vault file for others to download and get a more up to date vault file. Email me at: to inquire about this. At the moment, I have had no volunteers for this.


(No screenshots at present)

(4/9/2014: I found the GearBunnyX tutorial page and uploaded it to the site.)

Download and Install Instructions

v1.118.0.2 Installation file:

To install: Simply download the above setup program and run it. The install program should take it from there. Let me know if you have any problems with it and I can send a .zip file version to you instead. (I think it may have problems with Windows 8 and higher, but I don't have a Windows 8 or 10 machine to test things on at this time...)

If you are having difficulties with the newer version, you may download some of the older versions here:

v1.116 Installation file:

v1.112 Installation file:

Update History

v1.118.0.2 was uploaded on July 23rd, 2015 to correct a discrepency in spellcraft imbue values.

v1.118 was uploaded on July 16th, 2015. Patch notes are in the install program.

v1.116 was uploaded on March 7th, 2015. Patch notes are in the install program.

The previous update (v1.102) was April 25th, 2010. Patch notes can be found here: (Please note that these forums are horrendously out of date and will be taken offline at some point. I will update this link at that time...)