Game Features (v1.01A)

Starfire is a retro-style space shooter. The current version only offers the endless arcade mode experience, but I am working on a 5 level story mode that I hope to finish soon.

3/5/2014: v1.01A release. This release updates the distibution mode of StarFire to match our other game Bubble Pop. A few minor graphics updates have also made their way into the game. We don't really feel it's enough difference to warrant a new version number though.


screenshot screenshot

Download and Install Instructions

Install file:

To play this game, simply download the exe above and put it in it's own folder. Double click starfire.exe to play. To uninstall, simply delete the game's folders: The one you put the game's exe in, and the one it creates in the appdata folder for saving it's settings and the score table, it is named StarFire as well. Screenshots (Saved by pressing F5) are also saved in the appdata folder. Note that there is currently a bug in the way GameMaker saves screenshots that you will need to put a background behind the image to avoid having transparency issues (Halos around bubbles and particle effects).

Update History

3/5/2014: Distribution and Minor graphics updates (v1.01A)

2/1/2014: Initial beta release (v1.01)