Bubble Pop!

Game Features (v1.03)

A fast paced game of popping bubbles, scoring points, and gaining levels with many variations of play.

  • Each game mode has unique objectives and game play. Each mode is listed here.
  • Original: Pop bubbles, collect powerups and extra lives, and try to get the high score. As you get more points, the playing field gets more and more active and dangerous.
  • Momentum: You have only 1 life in this mode. The object is to see how far you can get and how high of a score multiplier you can build up before the inevitable...
  • Timed: Race against the clock to try to click all the bubbles. Time extension powerups will appear at random to give you more time to click all the bubbles.
  • Reaction: Reaction mode is all about causing chain reactions. When you click a bubble, any bubble of the same color that is directly connected to it will also pop. This can create long chains worth progressively more points. You can also pop individual bubbles, but this doesn't give you any points and can eat up your time. Every level earned adds 60 seconds to your game clock. How long can you keep the chain reaction going?
  • Puzzle: Puzzle mode is a new twist on an old favorite: Sliding tile puzzles. On the right side of the screen is the image you are trying to match. Slide the rows and columns around to get the pieces into place. As the levels get higher, different puzzles and more colors will challenge your ability to think in multiple dimensions. You start the game with 15 minutes, and each level cleared will add another 10 minutes to your timer, or bring it back up to 15 minutes if it's below that even after gaining the 10 minutes. You are awarded points based on the level and the amount of time remaining on the clock, so the faster you finish, the higher the score can get. The first 48 levels are based upon mathmatical patterns, but after that the levels generated are purely random.
  • Objective: Objective mode is another adaptation of a classic: Simon Says. In the upper left corner, a single stationary bubble tells you which color is currently 'it.' The goal is to pop as many bubbles of that color before the example bubble changes. Each bubble clicked adds to the combo multiplier, which resets when the example changes. A timer will appear to warn you when it's about to change, but the higher the level, the shorter the amount of time between changes. If you have your sound effects turned on, you'll also notice a quickly clicking clock in the background warning you of the impending change (and it is in the timed, reaction, and other modes that have clocks counting down too.) Clicking a bubble that is not the same color as the example will cost you a life and your combo bonus… Gold bubbles in this mode will give you extra lives, but are set to be somewhat rare...
  • Gravity: Bubbles fall from the top of the screen towards a row of spikey balls waiting to pop them. Powerups include Anti-Gravity (which stops the descent for a few seconds), extra lives, and score multipliers.
  • Vortex: At the center of the Vortex playing field there is a black hole waiting to crush any bubble that gets within it's reach. As the level increases, so do the number of bubbles trying to go down the drain. Powerups here include Anti-Gravity, score multipliers, and extra lives.
  • Sweeper: Sweeper should be familiar enough to anyone who has been around Windows awhile… It's a bubble version of the venerable Minesweeper game, except with levels and a steadily increasing number of mines hiding under the bubbles. Numbers hiding under the bubbles indicate proximity to the mines. The object is to pop every bubble except for the ones with mines under them. When you have succeeded at this, the next level begins. Rather than keeping score here, you get a point for every level you clear. Good luck in the minefields…
  • A pause feature was added in v1.02. It is activated and deactivated by pressing space bar. It is also automatically engaged if you switch to another window or alt-tab away from the game. The screen also remembers what screen mode it was in when you leave and will restore that mode on return. F10 will switch between Full and Windowed mode, and the game will save your preference.


screenshot screenshot

Download and Install Instructions

Install file: http://www.gearbunny.com/files/bubblepop.exe

To play this game, simply download the exe above and put it in it's own folder. Double click BubblePop.exe to play. To uninstall, simply delete the game's folders: The one you put the game's exe in, and the one it creates in the appdata folder for saving it's settings and the score table, it is named BubblePop as well. Screenshots (Saved by pressing F5) are also saved in the appdata folder. Note that there is currently a bug in the way GameMaker saves screenshots that you will need to put a background behind the image to avoid having transparency issues (Halos around bubbles and particle effects).

Update History

3/5/2014: Version 1.03 release

2/8/2014: Version 1.02 release

2/1/2014: Initial beta release (v1.01)