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GearBunnyX 1.99 series patch notes


- Overall

So much has changed between version 1.98 and 1.99 that I felt it necessary to label this as a new program, GearBunnyX. It maintains backward compatibility with older versions back as far as the first release though, so none of your template work should be lost. I will try to highlight the major changes in this patch notes document, but should that not be enough, I also have a tutorial on my site that covers all areas of the program and will have frequently asked questions added to it on a constant basis.

So, without further ado, welcome to the tenth major revision of GearBunny, GearBunnyX.

- Main Features (Changes)

* I have re-enabled instancing in GearBunnyX, you may now open the program as many times as memory allows. Please be aware that if you save a template that is open in another instance, it will not change the information in that instance until the template file is re-opened, and the changes made can be saved over. The primary purpose of instancing is to transfer a template from one class/server to another, if possible.

* The interface has been converted into tabbed pages to better seperate information and to clean up the interface. Several things that used to be sub-windows are now built in, such as the spec calculator and template report.

* The stats display area has been converted to a scrollable list that has two views depending on the status of the 'View all stats' checkbox. Unchecking this box will remove stats that are not effected by items or realm rank.

* All item slots may now contain many items. I believe the only limits to how many items you may equip is available memory and the display limits of a Listbox control... Which is either 32k or 64k items... Considering the average number of vault items per slot is 200-800, I really doubt anyone will create that many inline edits or spellcrafted items.

* You may have up to 1,000 'Configurations' in a template file. Each configuration is essentially a seperate template, built off the items equipped in the item slots in the equipment manager. The idea behind configurations is to keep track of different templates within the same file, allowing comparisons, experimenting, and alternate setups based on circumstances. For instance, an archer may want to have both his melee and bow templates on different configurations, or a necromancer may want to have both his summon suit and fight suit.

* The equipment manager equipment buttons are mouse wheel enabled. Scrolling the mouse wheel will change equipment slots the same way clicking them will, and holding shift while will change the item equipped in the current slot selected.

* Cloaks may no longer be spellcrafted. Any existing spellcrafted cloaks will be converted to inline edited items on load/import. If you happen to have a cloak that can still be spellcrafted, you may use the spellcraft calculator to figure out the stats and then copy them over via the inline editor.

* Specialization information is saved with each configuration now instead of lost when the program is shut down. It will still reset if the character level changes on a configuration.

* Some options have been removed in favor of making things easier. Location of the master vault file for instance is now always in GearBunny's program folder. The default template folder starts in the program's folder as well, but with the new style load/save dialog, it's easy enough to relocate your templates to the My Documents folder or any other place you like. (Personally, I like having them all on flash drive or in the shared documents folder so I can move from computer to computer.)

* The report menu is only available when the template report tab is visible. Some of the old options have been removed as they were no longer necessary. Please note that currently, any realm specific stat that is effected by items or realm rank will display in the report, so you may wish to edit the report before posting it anywhere. This only effects the normal report style, not the material listing. If you'd like to do manual edits to the report, you may use the new Character Notes tab to bring several configurations together by copying the report and pasting it into the notes box.

* The vault loader, inline editor, and spellcraft dialog boxes have been merged into the main window and each have new tab options as well. Each of the item handlers can now switch slots while open, and the vault and inline editor have a lot more filters now. The vault browser has been merged into the inline editor, allowing you to view the entire vault and copy any item into any slot. So if you can't find a particular item in the vault loader, check the inline editor's vault grabber. If you still can't find it, request buttons are available, as well as links to Allakhazam's item database for manual entry. I will add any item requested via the web form at

* The mouse hover switching can be disabled now. Thanks to Nightdriver10 for this idea.

- New Features

* The contents of the notes control are saved with the template file. It can be useful for keeping track of information such as Realm Abilities, crafting ability, character purpose, or other things.

* The vault loader now has a 'Common tasks' (Read : Macro) tab. Clicking these controls will automatically equip all of the items indicated by the labels.

* A new feature called Omnicrafting has been added to spellcrafting. The Omnicrafted item is at its core, a spellcrafted item, but with a twist : It can hold as many spellcraft gems as you want. When the Omnicrafting tab is selected in the spellcraft calculator, all the gems loaded into the Omnicrafted item will be calculated instead of the slots selected in the checkbox list, allowing the user to figure out exactly what gems it will take to reach the stat levels they desire. These gems can be edited, inserted and removed to and from normal spellcrafted items at will, allowing users to rebalance templates, squeeze out every last imbue point, and even make tradeoffs and alternate configurations with ease. By having you choose exactly how you want your stats, it could potential save having to check hundreds of thousands or even millions and billions of combinations trying to reach 'goals' that may not even be attainable, saving hours of waiting on a brute force optimizer such as Loki. I eventually intend to try to make the gem placement automatic, using a spellcraft recipe generator to match the gems chosen by the user to recipe combinations. As a user adds and removes gems to the Omnicrafted Item, information about the total weight and averages of the item are displayed, allowing them at a glance to know if what they are designing is possible, by watching the average imbue. In practice, this is a lot simpler than it sounds, and once you get used to the interface, it becomes very easy to use and spellcrafting becomes a lot easier.

- Tutorial

* An online tutorial/faq has been added to the GearBunny site to cover these features and potential uses.

- Updating

* When the program updates, it will download the setup program from the web site and execute it itself.

* Vault updates will generate a backup file in the same folder as the file getting overwritten.
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GearBunnyX - The day after...

- Summary

A few bugs crept up after launch yesterday and this patch seeks to remedy the most serious ones. Thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports yesterday.

- Bug Fixes

* An unforseen bug relating to the report printing functions appeared, causing a few crashes and unusual behavior in some systems. As a result, I have removed the printers module. If you would like to print a template report or notes, please copy the text to notepad or a word processor first.

* All mispellings of Ywaine have been changed to the correct spelling of Ywain. Note that Ywain templates saved in and after will probably not be loadable by those with

* A bug that allowed items from other server types to appear in the vault loader has been corrected. This only effected the Ywain ruleset.

* A stat discrepency relating to power pool percentage bonus has been corrected. The correct power cap cap is now 50.

* Fixed a bug in the vault loader where adding an item did not automatically equip the item to the slot selected.

* Start New configuration, Copy Configuration, and Delete configuration will now properly update the stats panel.

* Realm rank is now properly added to the Shield, Parry, Stealth, Critical Strike, and Envenom skills.

* Converted the Report control to a regular memo control instead of a rich edit. This should eliminate the saving functions adding extra data to the files.

* Removed the Hotkeys from Select All and Copy to Clipboard in the report menu, to not conflict with Window's default hotkeys.

- New Features

* I added a button to the equipment manager to set all equipment slots to <Empty Slot>

* I added a new macro to the Common Tasks tab in the vault loader to add all items that match the current filter settings. With no filters set, this will essentially add every item that the vault says your character can equip

* I added a new option in the main window that sets the default sorting method in the vault loader and inline editor.

* The stat panel will no longer scroll to the absolute top when the recalc function is called, but stay as close to where it was as possible. Note that checking or unchecking the 'Show all stats' checkbox will scroll it to the top automatically.

- Vault Updates

* Golden Scarab Vest may now be equipped by Vampiirs. I was unaware they could equip it.

* One of the Eirene's Hauberks has been correctly marked as an Artifact.

* Celestial Warchain Hauberk (Caer Sidi Cleric Vest) now has 4% spell range as it is in game.

* Fiery Sunderer (Alb and Mid) has had it's Melee and Style damages converted to Melee Vs. and Style Vs. respectively.
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GearBunnyX - Report Overhaul

- Summary

Based on feedback on the report generated by GearBunny, I have redesigned the report generator and added different options to the Report Menu to control it's output. These settings are saved to the registry, once set they will not change until you change them again.

- Report Generator

* Removed Normal Report and Material report and merged them both into the same report.

* Reports are now more customizeable via the report menu. You can enable and disable the stat report, extra item details, stats, procs, notes, and the material report generation

* Based on feedback, I changed the format a bit to try to make it more readable and more clearly define areas of the report.

- Bug Fixes

* Corrected a bug that kept the download progress indicator from appearing on downloading updates. It was supposed to appear anytime a download was bigger than 1kb, but was erroneously set to 10.24mb...

* Corrected a bug with stat names in the archtype lists in the inline editor. Note that Archery is still effected by the spell stats, even though the word archery was removed. I will change the names back to the new style as soon as I've had a chance to go through the vault file and updated effected items.

* Corrected a routine that was not checking for internet access availability in the startup section before executing. This was causing a crash bug in certain environments.

- Class Fix

* Savages now have 1.5 spec points per level instead of 2.0. This may cause some specs to change on loading.
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GearBunnyX - Interface changes and a tune-up

- Summary

* Based upon feedback, this version contains some changes to the initial released interface and adds another report menu option. It also corrects a crash bug that was effecting several users.

- New Features

* Added an option to remove 'extra' formatting from the template report. On some forums, there is no bbcode [ code ] tag or access to the < pre > formatted html tag, so the normal formatting in some places is lost. Unchecking this option will remove those parts that do not carry over well and try to replace them with elements that do.

* Merged the Stat panel, information box, and current weapon setup into a single panel.

* The information panel is resizeable and will save it's height between sessions. Simply click and drag in the text area to resize it. It has a minimum and a maximum size to prevent it from crowding out the stat panel and also from being shrank to nothing.

* The stat panel will automatically generate a stat report if you hover the mouse over one of the items in it. If you have mouse hover switching disabled, click the stat panel first to activate the hovering feature.

* Clicking an item in the equipment list, or scrolling the equipment will cause the item's stats to appear in the information panel.

* The currently selected slot will now be highlighted in the equipment manager.

* Switching item slots will create an item stat report in the information box.

- Bug Fixes

* Corrected an issue in the program that was causing crashes at startup.

* Corrected an issue in the equipment manager that was preventing stopping keyboard input from reaching the buttons. You can now change current equipment slots with the arrow and space/enter keys in addition to using the mouse.

* Re-ordered some of the code in the equipment manager to speed up it's refresh times.

* Corrected an issue in the spellcraft calculator that was causing slugishness in changing/refreshing the items

* Corrected an issue in the inline editor that was causing slugishness in changing/refreshing the items. There is still a slight loading delay as the vault grabber builds it's list on opening, and clears it's listing on closing.

* Removed a debugging popup that sometimes occured on program shutdown.

* Changed the File -> Exit GearBunny to Quit GearBunny, and changed the hotkey to Ctrl+Q, to avoid conflicting with the Windows default Cut command.

* Corrected the Power cap and Power Pool % stats. Power Pool % default cap is level / 2 and power cap = level for a grand total of 25+50 = 75% capped power pool. Thank you Asber for the correct formula.

* Changed the font and glyph color of items that were equal to their cap in the stat view panel based on a user's feedback, to a darker shade of green.
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GearBunnyX - Further refinements

- Summary

* Further interface refinements, speed ups, and stat pruning in both the stat panel and template report are the main focus of this patch.

- New Features

* When you uncheck the 'Show all stats' checkbox above the stat panel, it will also remove skills and focus bonuses that do not pertain to your class. It will also not show the headings for the skill/focus groups in other realms, or the mauler skills if you are not of the mauler class.

* The template report will no longer show skills or focus bonuses that do not pertain to your class.

* Added a configuration changer to both the spec editor and the template report.

* Permanently added bounty point rewards to the item type list.

* Added a macro in the vault loader to add all the bounty point jewelry.

* Added a new option, Default Realm. Setting this will set all new templates to the first class of the selected realm. It will default to Albion if not set.

- Bug Fixes

* Using a macro or add all/remove buttons will no longer change the currently equipped items in the current configuration.

* Now that most of the update bugs have been fixed, I am going to have the Check for Updates option default to on again. It was set to default to off between and

* In the vault loader, the search google and allakhazam buttons will only be available if you have an item selected in the equipped box.

* Removed a function call that was being called excessively, speeding up the startup a bit.

* Corrected a potential crash bug in the way the tab system kept track of things, and starting and loading new templates.

* Corrected some issues with the inline editor not resizing properly, and an odd 10th stat slot bug that sometimes required users to refresh the 10th slot to be able to access the stat amount. (It also sometimes cleared the 10th slot bonus... so have a look if you had anything manually edited)

* Corrected an issue in the vault loader and inline editor that sometimes caused a crash when you removed all the items from a slot.

- Interface Changes

* The import and file loading dialogs no longer require you to change template types, and will allow you to load gbt, gbc, and gby files by default, instead of having old and new templates seperated.
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GearBunnyX - Races of Camelot and a few bug fixes

- Summary

* This patch makes race selection mean something again and corrects a bug in the vault loader. Enjoy!

- New Features

* The race selection will now add the races resistance stats to both the stats panel and the character report. If you do not want to see these stats, simply choose <None> in the race combo box to remove them.

* The title bar for the information box may now also be clicked and dragged to resize the information box.

- Bug Fixes

* I have gone through all the class/race combinations once again using the Camelot Herald, Classes of Camelot, and the character creation screen to try and get the classes/races to all match what is in game.

* Corrected a bug in the vault loader that set the item type filter improperly, and caused no items to be visible until it was corrected.

* Corrected a bug that caused the spec editor to ask anytime for permission to respec when the character level for the current configuration changed.

- Class/Race Changes

* Based upon the character select screen and user feedback, the following class/race combinations have been opened up or removed :

+ Dwarves can now be Savages.

+ Frostalf can now be Shadowblades.

+ Shar can no longer be Nightshades.

+ Trolls, Valkyns and Dwarves can longer be Warlocks.

+ Kobolds can no longer be Valkyries.
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GearBunnyX - Some more fixes

- Summary

* This patch fixes a few bugs with spell crafting and upgrades some internal routines

- Bug Fixes

* The gems in the Omnicrafted item will no longer persist after loading or starting another template.

* The last gem in the omnicrafted list will no longer be added twice to the total imbue cost, giving a more accurate average imbue cost.

* Corrected a bug that was causing the spellcraft calculator to create level 0 equipment instead of the proper level setting.

* The extra formatting report option now saves itself between program sessions, and will remove even more formatting when disabled.
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GearBunnyX - Connecting dots

- Summary

* This patch reconnects some of the stats in the stat panel with their reports and corrects the dynamic vault proc adder.

- Bug Fixes

* Several stats in the stat panel were not displaying reports when clicked or hovered over. These have been fixed

* When a new proc is encountered in the vault file, it will now be added to the internal database properly.

* A few new procs were added in today's vault file. These may not show correctly in older versions of GearBunny.

* Corrected a bug that would report item names from the previously loaded template when stat reports were generated if you looked at them before switching to the equipment panel.
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Post October 7th, 2009, 4:13 am

GearBunnyX - Realm Free/Coop/Mordred Fix :

- Summary

* This patch corrects two bugs that effect users on Tri-realm enabled servers, among a few other things.

- Bug Fixes

* Helmets will now be limited to your own realm at all times, no matter what server type you have selected.

* Users making templates for Coop/Mordred/Realm Free will now see items from other realms in the arms slot.

* Made an adjustment to the download progress window, the file size will now display

* Sped up the startup a bit more by removing some unneeded code.
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Post December 14th, 2009, 3:27 am

GearBunnyX - The Interface Makeover (T.I.M.)

- Summary

* This patch is a complete make-over of the interface, using the old GearBunny versions as a guide.

- Main Window

* The main window has had it's minimum size requirement increased to 1024x768.

* All stats are viewable at once again, similar to how they were in GearBunny 1.98 and before. The only stat box that may ever need scrolling is the ToA/PvE/Other box, and then only if the 'show all' checkbox is checked.

* Made many cosmetic changes, removing unneeded tab icons and spacing.

* The quickbar has been shortened and the icons shrunk a bit to make more room for the stat boxes. It can still be disabled from the main menus.

* The configuration manager has been pulled out of the tabbed interface area and is now more easily available.

* Taking the place of the configuration manager is a new 'Welcome' tab with built in help and tutorials explaining the interface and features of GearBunnyX. This control also allows the use of clickable hyperlinks. I will be expanding on this greatly in future revisions.

* Due to feedback, the manual editor/spellcraft buttons in the equipment manager will now always be available. Clicking them when an inapropriate slot is selected will automatically select the 'Chest' or 'Jewel' slot before the subwindows open.

* New 'Default' options have been added to the report menu. The VN Report options set the report generator to options appropriate for posting on the IGN Vault forums, while 'Everything' will enable all options. A button to set the 'Standard VN' options has also been added to the report tab.

* A new report option has been added to re-order the items into Pseudo-Loki/Kort's order (Armor/Weapon/Jewelry/Myth instead of GB's Jewelry/Armor/Weapon/Myth format). The two VN standard options will automatically set this, while the Everything else option will leave it as whatever you have it set as before. The default setting for this option is false.

- Subwindows

* The Vault Loader, Manual Editor, and Spellcrafting subwindows have had adjustments made based on feedback and tester contributions.

* The main window's information panel is now used by the Vault loader, freeing up space in that window to be used for other purposes. The main tab in the vault loader has been completely reorganized as a result, with available items on the left, and equipped items on the right. The buttons have also been visually associated with the side they effect.

* The clear filter buttons have been moved to the bottom bar for easier access, and the 'Filter Lock' checkboxes have been removed. Filters will stay set until reset or a new template is loaded.

* The manual editor's 'Copy to Clipboard' button has been moved into the controls on the left side to be more accessible. This button is used in conjunction with the Report/Request form to let me make changes faster (I can import these reports directly on my end)

* When a subwindow is open, the configuration manager is not accessible. This is intentional because the subwindows can only work with one configuration at a time at the moment.

- Bug Fixes

* There was a crash bug related to the equipment manager icons and scrolling off the bottom of the list. As a result, I have shrank the equipment icons and ensured that it will always fit in the minimum resolution.

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